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Chongqing bid farewell to the "sense of autumn" continuous high temperature (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, August 30 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Han Lu) 30, the main city of Chongqing is only 22 degrees Celsius temperature. This is the main city of Chongqing before cooling the high temperature of 42.3 (August 25th), tumbled 20.5 C. After the hot weather lasted more than half of the August, the "stove" Chongqing farewell "summer autumn is getting stronger". Since August, Chongqing entered the "burn" mode, the local meteorological department issued 12 consecutive high-temperature red warning signal. Chongqing Meteorological Bureau regional high temperature strength on August 10th to 25 as the severe level above 40 degrees high temperature weather counties for a half months. Among them, the state also appeared to break its historical extreme 43.4 (August 18th, 19). 25 at the beginning of the night, affected by cold air, the wind blowing more cold in Chongqing. The autumn wind blowing rain along a mountain, the local temperature suddenly dropped to 25 degrees celsius. The sun baked by more than half the "stove", it has "the cool days in autumn". 30, Chongqing and light rain. Beijing, the reporter saw at the Stone Mountain Sports Park, people are wearing short sleeved shorts morning a few days ago, many people have put on a long road; bus commuters also play a long sleeved and coat; Chongqing women’s beauty has also replaced the shorts skirt, a long trousers to cool autumn". Cool weather suddenly to so many summer facilities in a deserted house. This summer, Chongqing open hundreds of air raid shelters for people to summer. Continuous high temperature in August, so many air raid shelters daily are in a "full" state. But on the 30 day, the reporter went to the Longshan shelter, as the temperature decreases, the empty, the crowded scene is gone. After cooling, starting from July, the evacuation of the summer army have returned home. Beijing, a reporter from the Wulong fairy hill, Shizhu Huangshui, Chengkou Huang dam and other Chongqing city public summer residential concentration area to understand, most people have left the summer. "Now cool, the summer people have gone." Ms. Lee with a grandson in the fairy town summer nearly two months. 30, she also returned to the main city of Chongqing, the mountain has begun to wear a sweater, and the back should not reheat up, go for a period of two months, it is time to go home." According to the meteorological department is expected, after this round of cooling, extreme heat has been difficult to turn back". Temperatures in the future will be a slight rise in Chongqing, but in most parts of the temperature is difficult to exceed 35 degrees C.相关的主题文章:

In October, I – Diwali Carnival – Sohu in India Tourism 若槻ゆうか

In October, I was in India Carnival – Diwali – Sohu travel this year Diwali is October 30th, this is a good chance you do wrong travel season!! As everyone knows the Diwali festival also called Deepavali, also known as the India Lantern Festival or Deepavali, Hindu, Sikh and Jain (QI) that "dark from light" to defeat the evil kind festival of Diwali in October every year or 11 months, five days to celebrate, people will exchange gifts, fireworks and lit butter lamps (or hang lanterns) to help Rama from exile to illuminate the way home, this is one of the three major festivals in India. Although the Diwali festival is an important festival in Hinduism, but some Buddhists will celebrate this holiday. In India in order to meet the Diwali in India, every family will be lit candles or oil lamps, because they symbolize infinite light, glory and happiness. On the last day of lunar new year in India (one day is equivalent to the Gregorian calendar in October before and after the fireworks festival) and various lights will illuminate the dark night, this is about 1 billion of the world’s India Christians are celebrating a festival of Diwali lights. Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated festival in the world, India, Fiji, Nepal and Trinidad Island, it is a national holiday. In the vast India, around the celebration of Diwali reasons vary, the north is to celebrate the Hindu God led the soldiers triumph; the south is to kill the devil is. Although about the origin of Diwali Public opinions are divergent. everywhere, but most people still agree that Diwali five day is to celebrate the good triumphs over evil, light, darkness to ignorance of knowledge. Diwali symbolizes humanity beat the darkness, is a loving, joyful celebration, but the Diwali festival is the highlight of the evening, as long as there is a Hindu temple, will be long queues of Hindu devotees will come to light blessing, exchange gifts, release fireworks everywhere, everywhere for hilarity, even if you are not Hinduism, also be infected by the hilarious atmosphere, could not help but join together to celebrate.相关的主题文章:

The United States in August sales fell 9.1% Volkswagen Tiguan plummeted Jetta rose

The United States in August sales fell 9.1% Volkswagen Tiguan Volkswagen Jetta prices plummeted before the sales data released in August this year, its sales in America fell by 9.12%, the cumulative decline of 12.99% in August. Several large cart series, the Tiguan (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) sales increase decrease, Jetta (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) sales in August rose 5.5%, golf (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) fell significantly. Continuous decline in October narrowed down in 2016 of August, Volkswagen passenger car brand sales in the United States was 32332, down from 9.12% to 29384. Volkswagen in August before the cumulative sales in the United States was 207156, compared with the same period last year, down 12.99% year on year 238074. The public since November last year, sales fell more than the decline in August has been popular for tenth consecutive months; but since February this year, Volkswagen sales decline narrowed to June, Volkswagen sales showed a larger decline of 21.77%, then rebounded, popular in the United States exhaust door a series of treatment scheme has gradually been identified, August showed decline trend. The decline in the growth rate of the Jetta rose 5.5% Tiguan Volkswagen passenger car a few cars generally declined, the main vehicle Jetta, Tiguan rose. Tiguan a few months ago rose more obvious, before August cumulative sales rose 41.5% year on year in August, while sales grew by only $4.3%,. The Jetta in August to achieve a 5.5% increase. Passat (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) or contraction, edged down 0.3%. Golf fell significantly, down 31.6% year-on-year. Eos models due to poor sales in July 2015 discontinued in June this year, the sale. The Tiguan sales in August compared to the previous increase in shrinkage is obvious, August sales of 3302 units over the same period last year, sales of 3165 vehicles, an increase of 4.3% over the same period, a record sales record. Before August of this year, total sales of 27237 vehicles, 19249 vehicles in the same period last year, an increase of 41.5%; Jetta sales of 11720 vehicles in August, last year sales of 11112 vehicles, up 5.5%. Before August of this year, total sales of 81449 vehicles, 89692 vehicles in the same period last year, down 9.2% year-on-year decline; Passat contraction, August sales of 7389 units over the same period last year, sales of 7409 vehicles, down 0.3%. In August this year, the cumulative sales of 46751 vehicles, compared with the same period last year, a total of 56508 vehicles, down by $17.3%, golf sales in August, the same period last year, sales of 7075 units, down by 31.6%. In August this year, the cumulative sales of 36513 vehicles, compared with the same period last year, a decrease of 18%, the Beatles (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) in August sales of 1519 units, sales of the same period last year, 2127, down by 28.6%. Prior to August this year, total sales of 9820 units, compared with the same period last year, 17527, down by 44%.相关的主题文章:

Double chin is also considered injury! Double chin Tammy actress fear how to overcome (video) ricky lee neely

Double chin is also considered "injury"! Double chin Tammy actress fear how to overcome? The yen value is almost everything entertainment to crown Title actress actress Tammy is also more and more, wrinkles, spots and blemishes by makeup and polished hide, let old into a young state. So how to overcome the terrible double chin, you have to learn a few strokes! However, it is no matter how "trick" is to conceal the cover, that is to let all the star turn pale "double chin". Do not believe, you see these usually beautiful to the stars, double chin is now a few years old. Fan Bingbing no matter where, at what time must be the most elegant, the most beautiful Fan Bingbing also has fallen into the pit, no matter how much of her makeup hair beautiful and perfect harmony. It is revealed in her casual double chin, and when success is caught. Perhaps you will say who do not have ugly photos, but only from the double chin this point, it really makes the age model Fan Bingbing fat significantly, showing a few years old. Zhao Wei Venice Film Festival Zhao Wei double chin in recent years, probably in moist double harvest family business, Zhao Wei looks more and more fat, fat a lot. So when the dress to attend various activities, often see her double chin, although Zhao Wei in the overall maintenance of the face above is good, then this seemingly bloated double chin was more or less let her blackflow work greatly. Liu Yan Liu Yan sexy woman portrait double chin Liu Yan face beauty full and full of collagen, like a graceful young woman, but her chin is instantly put her to the wolves, not very fat, is to create "micro whole failure". Joe Chen Joe Chen Joe Chen is the leader of double chin goddess in frozen age, although is the standard white skin beauty V Yan small face, but also to escape persecution and double chin, upright Jon himself is aware of a double chin is always their own short board, often in the program from black. Xun Zhou Xun Zhou short hair style double chin invisible double chin Xun Zhou as a 19 year old girl at the age of forty, but also with a small meat station with full CP, but once the double chin exposure, shrewish girl can instantly become tender mature aunt. S s double chin to give birth to the child, regardless of their own image in the big s, gave birth to children after it is but this belong to come to a successful issue, easy fat physique of her body and a fat face but can not close, especially the original thin face has become a round face, double chin is clearly visible. Nevertheless, s is a good mother worthy of respect. Gianna Jun Gianna Jun unveiled the brand double chin goddess Gianna Jun with baby fat, so sometimes a double chin appears not only partly hidden and partly visible, let her look a lot of fat, will make people feel a bit old and rustic. Look at the actress’s double chin, although there will be biased, but there is no doubt that the double chin will make you fat, old. Especially in this era of you to bow, mobile phone, tablet computer is one of the culprits causing double chin. Double chin cause: usually by submental fat accumulation caused by too much, usually old相关的主题文章:

According to Yunnan as early as &quot and ” ” ” small; the first half of 2430 acbel

Yunnan: according to " and " " early; "   the first half of 2430 people talking inquiry letter – Politics – Beijing in October 7, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website 7 morning release entitled "Yunnan: closely linked to " and " " early; small " half year conversation letter consultation 2430" article.     the contents are as follows:     "conversation letter consultation on 2430 people, light punishment and made by Party organizations dealing with 1861 people, 833 people party heavy punishment and adjustment of major positions, expelled 212 people transferred to judicial organs, accounting for 3.97%." This is the first half of Yunnan province discipline inspection organs at all levels to grasp the use of supervision and discipline of "four form" to produce transcripts. Since last year, Yunnan Province, and resolutely implement comprehensive strictly requirements, adhere to the discipline and rules in the very front, both Zhuazao catch small, in charge of "most", and severely punish corruption, to "pull rotten tree", the "four form" requirements are implemented. Staring at the beginning of the broken discipline, listening to these occurred in the case of typical cases of discipline violations, I am very pleased that the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and street party committee to remind me of a timely conversation." Filed by the Commission for Discipline Inspection interviewed about Yunnan province Kunming city Guandu District Guandu community party branch secretary Kyrgyzstan ashamed and grateful. The general community of "two committees" on the eve of this year, a report reflects Kyrgyzstan will invite community group, some cadres more than about 60 of public funds, Guandu Street Party Working Committee, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Discipline Committee immediately sent fifth day Kyrgyzstan to remind conversation, Kyrgyzstan on issues related to the explanation and then call the community, group cadres, canceled the evening party. The community committees general until the end, private dinner or public funds no problem. 1 to June this year, Guandu District Commission for Discipline Inspection and disposal problems clues 78, 59 people to talk to, talk for an increase of 73% in the number. "According to the audit report, your unit last year, conference fees, training fees increased significantly, with or without violation of expenditure?"…… Recently, Dehong Dai Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture individually interviewed 16 units in charge". Tight discipline rules this string, closely linked to the "early" and "small", in the last year issued "Interim Provisions on the" Specification for conversation letter consultation on the basis of the work, the full implementation of the Yunnan province to remind conversation system, take office of honest conversation, letters and conversations, audit conversations, rectification of honest conversation, conversation and other five kinds of conversation on the way, the problems and tendencies of Party members and cadres appear to take the initiative to talk in the broken discipline by the beginning of a profound warning, to prevent small mistakes lead to disaster. Implementation of the "zero storage", to avoid the evils aftermath. Strict implementation of clues disposal monthly quarterly turnover of the system, especially for warning of complaints and reports of Party members and cadres interviewed, the discipline inspection organs at all levels of the inquiry letter warning interviews of 432 suspected violations or minor violations of Party members and cadres. Kunming city discipline inspection organs were used in conversation letter consultation party)相关的主题文章:

Pregnant women were pregnant in May held at the mall police broke the two people involved have been 姉summer

Pregnant women were pregnant in May held at the mall: police broke the two people involved have been controlled – Beijing the evening of November 15th, a shopping center in the Wukesong occurred beaten events in pregnant women. According to Mr. Chen, the wife is pregnant in May in the shopping center basement bakery shopping, a collision on the counter at the corner with a woman. Then, the women chasing a bakery with pregnant women and pregnant women will quarrel, grabbed the neck down. After the incident, Chen offered a reward of 5000 yuan online, hoping to provide clues to the informant. Currently, two people involved have been controlled by the police. A circle of friends event man "I suspect his wife fell five months pregnant wife, the woman knew my pregnant wife also put her down, too hateful. I offer 5000 yuan as a reward, for this person’s information. Everyone help me forward." In November 16th, Mr. Chen bursts of 6 friends, hoping to find his pregnant wife the person down. It happened on the evening of November 15th. According to Mr. Chen, the day around 6:50, his wife after work to the Wukesong Zhuozhan shopping center basement bakery shopping, in the event of a physical collision counter at the corner with a woman, the woman left foot to my wife left foot, elbow hit her belly. Then my daughter-in-law took a look at her, and the woman stared at her and said, ‘what do you want me to do?’. My wife said, ‘you hit me,’ and the man said, ‘what happened to me?’." Mr. Chen said that in the course of the dialogue, his wife has been out of the bakery, but the woman and fellow man but after the shop, to continue with his wife entanglement, my wife said "I was pregnant," the man said "you are pregnant how, have a relationship with me, and then you throw lost her mobile phone, also grabbing her neck and lifted her on the floor." Mr. Chen said, the woman returned after beating the bakery to shopping, and fellow man after buying the bread away. His wife called him for help, he asked his wife to the police immediately, and took pictures of the batterer. The follow-up of pregnant women no matter but depressed for nearly half an hour after the incident, Mr. Chen, along with the police rushed to the scene, but because the batterer has already left, Mr. Chen had to go to the police and the transfer of the bakery in monitoring. Mr. Chen, a remake of the video display, met his wife with a woman at the counter in the corner bakery after (due to corner in the monitoring range of probe, can not see the two people in the corner or physical collision), his wife looked back at the woman at a glance to the bread shop around, then the woman after a dispute with the bakery. The wife and the woman argued during forced two steps back, the woman continued to close until the two face to face, then, the woman suddenly grabbed her neck and the pregnant woman fell to the ground. Pregnant women fell to the ground, the woman returned to the bakery with a man, pregnant women get up when the woman was pushed a. Beijing Youth Daily reporter in the bread shop, the day did occur in pregnant women were playing events, but because at that time coincided with the peak of shop customers more, the clerk did not notice the two dispute after birth相关的主题文章: